Angry White Dude: Thinking Out Loud

Published on 7-Mar-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Thinking Out Loud

There's gonna be lotsa ifs tossed around between now and the NFL Draft, so let's toss out another one.

If, and I do say if, the Arizona Cardinals take Kyler Murray with the first pick -- and they just might do that because he has big hands --- what'll they do with the slinger they took last year?

That'd be former UCLA Bruin Josh Rosen.

Dude was supposed to be the franchise QB.


Rosen played in 14 games for the Cardinals and certainly did not set the football world on fire with his stats. In all fairness to him, Arizonia's a really bad football team right now, as they're getting first pick this spring proves.

You really can't have two franchise QBs on your roster, and if you're taking Mr Big Hands with that first pick, he's gonna start.

So what happens to Rosen?


Well, there's certainly no scarcity of teams needing a good QB. In fact, there are 'way too many to name, and they normally have one thing in common. 

They have bad quarterbacks.

And if they weren't bad before they got there, by some coincidence, they got bad really quick. Think of it as David Carr disease.


Now think of all the good teams that have really good quarterbacks who are aging right before our very eyes.

See where I am going with this?

The Chargers, Giants, Saints ... and yes, the Patriots!


All four of these teams will need a new starting slinger in a year or so. Their window's closing for sure, and they should know it.

Unless, that is, they follow the John Elway theory, which is don't plan for the future


All four teams are just one broken hip away from having to replace their old QB's with a new one.

In steps Rosen. Even if he does not get to play much in the beginning, he gets to watch and learn from Manning, Breeze, Rivers, or Brady ...provided that Brady will even talk to him.

Who's the smartest orgaization of these four? Well, that is pretty easy.


I'm just saying this could happen.

Of course, it probably won't for a variety of reasons, but the Patriots always seem to pull off this sorta thing when nobody's expecting it. New England has 12 picks this spring, so they can definitely afford to give up a few to get Rosen.

Now, Brady would have to buy into this for once, but as Jimmy Garoppolo can attest, that's not a given. Dude clearly doesn't want to train someone to take his place before he's ready.

Gisele wasn't really cool with his playing last season, but ...


You've gotta admit that it'd be wise for any of these four teams to take a shot at getting Rosen. He'd be in no rush, barring injury, to take the starting job. He'd be content to just sit back, watch and learn. After all, it's easy money to wear your baseball cap on the sideline every Sunday, holding the clipboard, and being nowhere near a blitzing LB.

The Patriots are proven wheeler-dealers. It could happen that they'd swoop for a trade to land Rosen.

But of course, I'm just thinking out loud.

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