The Ultimate Prevent D Gives Up the Inevitable TD

Published on 5-Nov-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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The Ultimate Prevent D Gives Up the Inevitable TD

Comedian Lewis Black has a routine where he realizes he's seen the end of the universe.

It's when he walked out of a Starbuck's in the Houston Galleria and, straight in front of him, was another Starbuck's.

How does stuff like that happen?

Is Starbuck's practicing to be a defense contractor or something?

Or maybe they learned at the feet of whatever bright light in football came up with the prevent defense.

Every fan knows the philosophy:

When time's a factor, don't give up the long bomb.

Instead, force the offense to settle for small chunks of yardage, increasing the potential that it will make a mistake on one of those plays.

Every fan also knows the result:

Well, finally, someone's taken the prevent defense to its logical conclusion. And they paid for it.

The Kansas City Chiefs were at midfield and had time for one last play before the half.

  • The Dallas Cowboys dropped seven DBs back in coverage, so
  • The Chiefs sent WR and punt returned Tyreek Hill out on a short route, and
  • They had three WRs set to lead a convoy.

It was awesome:

Chiefs coach Andy Reid is a damn genius!

Dude took the short yardage Dallas gave him and then deployed the anti-defense contractor approach, ie- everybody figures everything is somebody else's responsibility, so nothing ever gets checked.

Three blockers was all Hill needed, and his punt-returning skills kicked in.

Too bad the rest of the day didn't go like that for KC.

Because most of the game was played using conventional, non-two-minute-drill football strategies, Dallas won, 28-17.