Angry White Dude: High as a Kite

Published on 8-Mar-2019 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: High as a Kite

So Dallas Cowboys DT David Irving has been suspended indefinitely -- which sure sounds like a long time -- for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

That's the third in three years.

Yesterday, he posted a live video on Instagram live saying he's quitting the NFL. Dude just came out and said it:

I quit ... I'm outta there. I'm not doing this shit no more.


Dude didn't mention the NHL. He missed his calling.

As you so vividly say, Irving lit up a pretty hefty blunt while he streamed himself! WTF? Talk about making his point!

Maybe he wasn't making millions as he said, but doing the THC thing and then posting a video saying this is why you quit?


Seems that Irving doesn't think marijuana's a drug. He thinks it's medicine. You know, medical.

Unfortunatly, Irving is not on the NFL drug policy board.

The NFL, for now, frowns upon players breaking the law -- and in Texas, he is -- when smoking the herb, or 420, or hemp.


Irving claims to love football, but he flat-out said he loves pot a bit more at this point in his life. He claims he's not a bad guy for choosing to go this route, and he's standing up for what he believes.

Hell no, dude, you're not a bad guy. You just self-fired your ass from your job for breaking the law while firing one up, no less.


You know, maybe ol' @StatsOnFire there should take a look to see if he's in a weed's-OK state, because it sounded like he was in a weed's-OK state.

But I digress.

Irving will be a free agent next season if he has a change of heart, and the Cowboys have no desire to bring him back. Why would they?

He's high as a kite, and he ain't stopping!  Dude'ss taking his ball and his pot and going home!


Irving had better have thought this move out beyond that blunt.

Like the NFL policy or not, he knew it was there when he signed outta Iowa State.

If he doesn't have a realistic Plan B, it may well be he's screwing himself.