The Florida State TE Who Lined Up Facing the Opposite Direction Is Now Defending Himself

Published on 10-Sep-2019 by Raoul Duke

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The Florida State TE Who Lined Up Facing the Opposite Direction Is Now Defending Himself

If not for the existence of the Tennessee Volunteer football program, Florida State would be the most popular NCAA punchline right now.

After losing their opener at home to Boise State, the Seminoles needed a missed XP in OT just to sneak by Louisiana-Monroe, 45-44, also at home.

This is all very embarrassing for anyone even tangentially connected to the program, but there was one development in this latest game that really had folks questioning the entire operation.

It involved a junior TE by the name of Tre McKitty, who became very popular during the game for a very peculiar reason.


We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The following screenshot taken from this weekend's game should illuminate you:


That's just not normal, regardless of context.

Okay, so let's see what dude does as the play unfolds:


Sure, that's fine and all, but what tactical advantage did the Noles' procure from having a player face the wrong way?

That befuddled announcer didn't seem to have one single clue.

The dude who tweeted the screenshot seemed almost angry about it:


Fortunately, we've been provided some clarification from McKitty himself, as his fleeting Internet fame compelled him to respond:


See, there's nothing wrong with him.

Everyone else is backwards.

Here's OC Kendal Briles with more gibberish:


He can use the word tempo as many times as he pleases, but this shit still won't make one bit of sense.

The cognitively impaired Seminoles will be getting into ACC play starting next week, so that should be good for some more hearty chuckles.