Shaq's Selling His Gaudy Florida Mansion

Published on 21-May-2018 by Raoul Duke

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Shaq's Selling His Gaudy Florida Mansion

The real estate market is booming at the moment, for a variety of reasons.

Never one to fall asleep at the financial wheel, Hall of Famer and noted Flat Earth truther Shaquille O'Neal is getting involved.

The Big Realtor is putting his mansion in Florida on the market, including all 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

The asking price?

A more than reasonable $28million.


A bit pricey for a fixer upper, but to each their own.

The completely overindulgent compound also includes a regulation basketball court, movie theater, and 17-car garage.

Shaq is nothing if not practical, because one needs to park those vehicles somewhere.


Here are a few of the themed rooms in question:


This nod to good taste was even featured on MTV Cribs about 500 years ago.


Here are some more moving pictures from the fortress of solitude:


We can only hope that Shaq will get out from under this crushing debt and land on his feet.

At least he still has the TNT gig.


That's some highbrow stuff.