Angry White Dude: Can't Stop Laughing

Published on 27-Jun-2018 by Larry Cory

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Angry White Dude: Can't Stop Laughing

I'm trying very hard to wake up from this silly dream.

The year is 2018, and for some reason, James Harden was named the NBA's MVP.

Can anyone help me? Is this real?

Who do we have to drug-test now?


No way in reality is Harden even close to LeBron. Just sayin'.

Hate to do this to Harden, but let's compare seasons.

Ready? Don't laugh:

  James   Harden  
Points ...  2251     2191  
Rebounds ...    709       389 LOL!
Assists ...    747       630 And Harden's a PG! LOL!
FG Pct ...    54.2       44.9  
Games ...     82        72 Only one played any D!


James got a team of nobodies to the NBA Finals. Harden and his teammates were watching the Finals.



Are you still laughing?

Sure you are, because you're a basketball fan. Even if you hate LeBron, you know he's the best player and the MVP of the league.

Harden should just hand over to award to James, because you know that he knows this voting is a joke.


If this wasn't boarderline criminal, it'd be even more funny. Can I report a robbery?

Even Harden can't stop laughing. Everyone is laughing. Joke of the Year, easily!


Is this another edition of Pranked?

Awww, man, you got us all real good!


Wake up, Larry! Click your heels together. Just say LeBron three times!

This is nuts.

The entire basketball world can not stop laughing.