Anthony Davis Joins Arbitrary Club with 59 Points

Published on 28-Feb-2016 by The Guy

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Anthony Davis Joins Arbitrary Club with 59 Points

As if being the NBA's reigning Unibrow isn't enough.

Now, things are just getting silly.

Anthony Davis joined a club last week almost as random as the legendary Berlin pub named after a toilet. Literally.

Das Klo:

Davis made the Pistons look like the stuff that goes into das Klo and should certainly be celebrated for his accomplishment.

However,'s sudden creation of the 59 Point Club in response to this game is a bit ridiculous.

59 Point Club

Let's translate that from PR spin:

Hey Anthony,

Nice job not reaching 60! Here's a trophy to make you feel better about missing out on a milestone!


If this was baseball, we'd be calling this a red-headed stepchild stat.

These sort of 'clubs' are constantly created throughout sports with no end in sight. It's only a matter of time before the 126 Pitches Club, the 38 Saves Club, and/or the 4 Craps Club is created.

Not that a 60 Points Club is that meaningful, but at least it doesnt sound as bad as a stupid number like 59.

So much for exclusivity.