Billy Monger Survives Horrific Crash but Loses His Legs

Published on 19-Apr-2017 by Alan Adamsson

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Billy Monger Survives Horrific Crash but Loses His Legs

The kid's just 17 years old.

And now, his promising future as an open-wheel driver has been replaced by a challenging future as a double amputee.

The fact he's alive to rise above his situation is a testament to the incredible safety technology that are now standard features on racing's bullets on wheels.

However, there's virtually no way anything could diminish the total shock of this:

Horror movies have scenes like that.

It took doctors 90 minutes to cut Monger outta his car and then move him from the Donington Park track to an emergency ward that must've thought he'd driven over an IED or something.

Monger had won multiple races across the World Karting Championship, Ginetta Junior Championships and 2016 F4 British Championships.

This tragedy occurred as part of the latter.

Still, if Frédéric Sausset is any example -- and he is -- Monger may not have experienced his last race.

If that's what the kid wants to do, let's hope.