Yu Darvish Tweet-Slaps a Chicago Sports Media Personality

Published on 26-Aug-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Yu Darvish Tweet-Slaps a Chicago Sports Media Personality

After a year and a half of injuries and an almost pathological lack of command, Yu Darvish finally seems to have gotten his shit together.

In fact, dude's been hanging out on the fringes of ace territory for the better part of two months now, something that must please the Chicago Cubs immensely.

This renaissance has also included an increase in confidence, as the Japanese-Iranian is practically swaggering these days.

Why he'll even take to the Twitter if necessary to silence anyone who dares throw shade in his general direction:


That's damn right.

Some Chicago sports dude by the name of David Kaplan made the ill-advised decision to get after Yu after a poor start at home against the Giants.

The Cubs ultimately won this video game by the score of 12-11, but Darvish allowed six earned runs for a no-decision.

Apparently, Kaplan felt it was necessary to share his research with the masses.



When Darvish got wind of this nonsense, he replied with his own data.


That's right, David.

Yu just asked you a question.

What say you?



Then Yu dropped the hammer, overwhelming Kaplan with numbers.




It's somehow cordial and harsh all at once.

Kaplan had no choice but to surrender.


Hmmm, David seems contrite all of a sudden.

Darvish decided to twist the knife one last time.


And what did Cubs skipper Joe Maddon think of all this:


Bully for Yu, indeed.