Who's Overachieving? Padres on Same Pace as Division Leaders

Published on 23-Aug-2014 by Spock1

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Who's Overachieving? Padres on Same Pace as Division Leaders

To illustrate the current parity between the Giants and the Dodgers, as of Fri 22 Aug, each club posted an identical 5-5 record over their past ten games.

After that, any other similarities are murky and superficial.

Not to be outdone -- although it hardly seems worth mentioning -- those perennial also-rans, the San Diego Padres themselves, also posted a 5-5 ledger entry over their last ten games.

So, is this the Pads' pace -- mediocrity -- or is their keeping up with the pacesetters an overachievement?

Or should merely keeping one's head above water, no matter what the perspective, be considered anything but a wash?

McCovey Cove keeps Giants fans cool.

For San Francisco, a wild card place of any variety might be just enough for them -- with all of their big game experience -- to weasel into a more extended stay in the coming post-season.

Give the fans credit, too. For all the mediocrity on display, they're still filling the yard.

And it's expensive to go to the game. With the price of parking and concessions amply paying for Hunter Pence's and Buster Posey's retirement, I just wish there were some way I could live in an Octopus's Garden in McCovey Cove for the duration of baseball season.

With today's technology it should be doable. Perhaps a timeshare on a submarine research vessel would do the trick.

I'd like 2b under McCovey Cove

I wish.