Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff Go Full Lowest Common Denominator in Feeble Twitter Duel

Published on 23-Jun-2020 by Raoul Duke

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Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff Go Full Lowest Common Denominator in Feeble Twitter Duel

In case you weren't aware, our nation is deeply troubled at the moment and in dire need of some healing.

Sadly, Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff aren't helping this particular cause.

These two Twitter enthusiasts recently used their preferred social media platform to engage in a completely pointless battle of severely limited wits.

The outcome was predicable.


Nope, we're not even awarding points for effort here, because the objective of this dim back-&-forth was simply to appease the egos of these two embarrassing man-children.

This nonsense appears to have begun after Bauer finished up a lengthy series of tweets discussing the current labor strife and the possibility of an abbreviated MLB season when Huff fired off this witty retort:


It seems the retired Huff managed to find the time in his busy MAGA-themed schedule to research some painfully outdated statistics, including the obsolete pitcher winning percentage.

Of course, Trevor felt obliged to reply in kind:


Thus began a productive dialogue that ran into the wee hours of the morning.


Back to you, Trev.


Having had his very manhood called into question, Bauer followed up again:


Your serve, Aubs.


Bauer then addresses him as Pookie and whips out his miniscule WAR advantage:


Despite it being after 3:00am, Huff was still feeling feisty, even providing a visual:


The current Cincinnati Red arm then got really condescending:


Then the dude who made exactly one plate appearance with the Giants during the 2012 World Series countered with some stats that might not be entirely accurate, depending on what advanced metrics one might be using:


Now there's a bit more, but we'll close with more condescension from Bauer:


That was exhausting.


Not that we're in any way condoning this behavior, but Bauer gets the spiritual win for creativity.

In the meantime, we anxiously await their next intellectual skirmish.