Kris Bryant Gets Booed by Pretty Much Everyone in St Louis

Published on 5-Jun-2019 by Raoul Duke

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Kris Bryant Gets Booed by Pretty Much Everyone in St Louis

In addition to being a great ballplayerKris Bryant also appears to be a good dude and one hell of a model American.

However, on a recent Cubs visit to St Louis, the 2016 NL MVP was booed lustily by those kind-hearted Cardinals enthusiasts, who fancy themselves the best fans in baseball.

But what transgression could Bryant have possibly committed to raise the ire of these folks?

Based on the reaction, he must have suggested that the Cards don't play the game the right way.


Actually no, he didn't.

Apparently, this hostility can be traced back to the off-season Cubs Convention, where Bryant made a casual remark about the relative lack of excitement in the city of St Louis.

Well, the proud citizenry of this fine town refused to be impugned in such a manner.


Yep, that was their full-throated objection.


Sensing an opportunity to mock Cards fans even further, the Cubs dugout decided to get involved.


That's some commendable troll work right there.


For the sake of context, here is the completely innocuous statement that started all these shenanigans:

Audible sigh.

This rivalry is plenty spicy enough without having to manufacture conflict.


See, now that's genuine animosity.