John Oliver Puts the Great Unwashed into Yankees' Posh Seats

Published on 4-Apr-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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John Oliver Puts the Great Unwashed into Yankees' Posh Seats

Consider the average row of everyday airline seats.

It'd probably be like lining up triple sevens on a slot machine if they were all purchased for the same price.

What with online discounts, credit card air miles, and the like, a reasonable airline just wants to see them filled. After all, once the plane takes off, those seats for that flight can't be sold anymore.

But sometimes ...

Who knew there'd be a baseball equivalent to this?

And of those who did, who wouldn't expect it to be the New York Yankees?

Yes, the HBO show that discovered a certain presidential candidate's family surname was originally Drumpf has now brought egalitarianism to the masses.

The response to earning those 25¢ tickets was ... well ... like what would one expect from the great unwashed:

the great unwashed

more great unwashed

This dude gets major points for bringing his own calamari and cutlery to the buffet:

Octopus Man

And while they're noshing on their canapés, the concessions stands are busy gouging the everyman's pocketbook with gimmicky artery cloggers.

Really, though, haven't we seen this before?

Full marks for the exposé, but in the end, the rich bastards still made their coin.