Giants Head to KC; Seek More than Hosmer's Bar Tab

Published on 19-Oct-2014 by Spock1

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Giants Head to KC; Seek More than Hosmer's Bar Tab

Actually, the San Francisco Giants are more like seasoned World Series veterans than wild card survivors.

Easy to say when they've been there and done that. 2010 and 2012, to be exact.

And they're ready to match their grinding style with upstart Kansas City's outta-left-field improbabilities in what could be one of the more unique Series pairings in recent times.

Contrary to popular belief, their play is more exciting than their by-the-book interviews. Part of being seasoned veterans.

Of course, some seasoned veterans can't contain themselves. That would include Journey frontman Steve Perry leading the faithful in song:

The NLCS clincher was a glorious destiny for former outcast Travis Ishikawa, virtually catapulted from has-been to stardom over a fortnight or so, capped by this shot that put him in the same breath as Bobby Thomson in Giants lore. And he didn't have anyone stealing the signs for him:

Michael Morse said his pitch-hit home run had less to do with rehabbing from steroid use and more to do with spending the NLDS in I-ball. Just know the dude manned up and owned the former, and in this nation of second chances, he made the most of his, to the delight of G-fans.

And when he gets to Kansas City, he'll plans on having a different focus than Wilbert Harrison.