Freaky Kismet Carries Day for Giants

Published on 15-Apr-2013 by Spock1

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Freaky Kismet Carries Day for Giants

Tim Lincecum is riding a wave of good karma.

This is perhaps attributable to his personal comeback goals for the new baseball year. Although he has had difficulties in this young 2013 season, Lincecum always seems to recover from them to achieve at least a decent competitive level. As the broadcasters are fond of uttering, it is better for Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants to be lucky than good.

The Giants, without the Freak’s good karma and stylish new do, might have succumbed to the wrath of the traded player’s revenge. You know the law, the one that says that players that are traded and then when they face their former teams -- such as Nate Schierholtz -- they're all of a sudden capable of Herculean efforts and achievements.  

Instead, San Francisco outlasted the Chicago National League representatives once again for a 10-7 win. They thus clinched a three-out-of-four series win in the first meeting of the year between the two clubs. And they did so against a Cubs team that doesn’t stink as bad as we once might have thought (but there's always time). Few Giants had the courage to remove the clothespin from their proboscises until well out of range of the Windy City. Baseball players can be superstitious that way.

In what is likely to become a theme this season, the Killer P’s were front and center yet again, with six hits, four runs scored, one home run, two RBI’s and a stolen base among the four of them. What really stood out was the power and the glory of Pence’s prowess with the bat. Posey, with puny production at the plate to date, at least is picking his spots well.

It would be illogical to make any predictions, but the Giants team, in playing like a team, is well poised to enter into deepest, darkest Midwest. The heated contests to come may roast the racing wieners.