Ellsbury the Storm Trooper

Published on 4-Dec-2013 by Tyler Scionti

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Ellsbury the Storm Trooper

Well it had to happen. It just had to happen.

We all knew that when the World Series ended, Jacoby Ellsbury had one foot out the door. What we always feared, though, was that he would go to the Yankees.

It happened though.

The Yankees gave Ellsbury the precious seven-year deal that he sold his soul to get. Now No 2 will be wearing pinstripes for the Evil Empire as the Red Sox find themselves without a center fielder. What hurts so much is how Ellsbury snubbed the offer the BoSox made.

Boston offered Ellsbury a six-year deal worth $20million per year. But he snubbed it. What hurts the most, the Bronx Bombers are paying Ellsbury a mere $2million more per year. Yeah, it was just about the money.

This is not how Sox fans expected to see his final appearance in a Boston uniform:

Ellsbury a Yankee

Now the Sox find themselves in a huge hole with very few free agents who can adequately fill it. Not many names jump off the charts; none of them cheap, anyway. Boston could trade for an outfielder, and there are plenty of rumors that they will.

Whatever occurs, Sox fans will just have to trust that Ben Cherington knows what he is doing.

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