Cubs Win? Cubs Win!

Published on 13-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Cubs Win? Cubs Win!

To be clear, 1908 still stands alone.

So does 1945, for that matter.

But nothing was gonna change until the long-suffering Chicago Cubs got in a better position to do it.

And better yet, they not only did it, they did it by eliminating the arch-rival St Louis Cardinals:

Fizz will be sprayed amidst accolades for home run barrages and Joe Maddon's match-up mastery, but this series turned in the second inning of Game 2 in St Louis:

Five unearned runs in a game Chicago won by three.

There went the home-field advantage and here came windy Wrigley Field at its bandbox best, where the Cubs' lineup was definitely better-suited.

So, on to the NLCS, as the North Siders' continue their quest to bury clips like this ...

... and turn this game into a reality: