Cleveland's McAllister Wins MLB's Kick Save of the Year

Published on 31-Aug-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Cleveland's McAllister Wins MLB's Kick Save of the Year

The highlights just keep rolling in for the 216.

First, the Cavaliers stage a LeBronian comeback to capture the NBA title.

Then, the Browns continue to treat QB changes like pinball points, this time ditching Mr Football for Mr Roman Numerals, virtually guaranteeing the body count will continue.

And, of course, the Indians look to have a date with destiny in the AL playoffs.

Dudes are making plays.

And they just keep on coming. Just like hits in the birthplace of rock-&-roll.

Check this bit of reflexes from Zack McAlister against the Minnesota Twins yesterday:

Too bad the old Cleveland Barons aren't still around.

Cleveland Barons San Jose Sharks

Well, they are ... sorta.

These days, though, Cleveland hockey fans will have to do with McAllister's feat.

And they will. Gladly.

They may not remember much of the Barons, but they've got memories of 1948 to conjure up.

Miracle plays help.