Bryce Harper Rudely Welcomes Rookie to MLB

Published on 29-Jul-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Bryce Harper Rudely Welcomes Rookie to MLB

MLB rites of passage can be pretty painful.

Anthony Banda would probably agree.

The Arizona Diamondback prospect got his first taste of the big leagues recently, with Bryce Harper providing some necessary perspective.

One of those aforementioned rites of passage is the first homer allowed, and there is little doubt that Banda will remember this one.

Yes, the DC slugger and role model for the youth of America seems to have gotten all of that one.

That crazy bastard actually cleared the pool at Chase Field, which is pretty far from home plate.

In fact, we don't know how far that ball went, because the machines are either unwilling or unable to tell us.

Perhaps we should focus on the mental state of Banda, though.

The kid got violated in front of his parents, which is probably somewhat traumatic.

Clearly, hanging that deuce to Harper on a full count was ill-advised, but let's hope the rookie can bounce back.

Of course, Banda will have to wait a bit, as he was optioned back to Triple-A Reno after the start against the Nationals.

In the meantime, Harper will continue to be democratic, abusing both rookies and veterans alike.