Tiger Does Well at TPC, but Someone Else Wins

Published on 14-May-2018 by J Square Humboldt

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Tiger Does Well at TPC, but Someone Else Wins

In the immortal words of Happy Gilmore:

Somebody's closer.

No, not Webb Simpson, who actually won the The Players Championship this year.

It was none other than the daunting presence of a former World No 1 whose quest to re-discover his game keeps looming larger than the game itself.


Full marks to Tiger Woods for electrifying the PGA Tour at a time when -- despite its rich history -- it well and truly needed the charge.

Then, he needed the charge.


Bang on. Sorta.

Dude's been crawling from the wreckage ever since, in all aspects of the term. So, every hint of a return to elite status shoves aside the point of the entire exercise.

And so it was at Sawgrass:


As usual, though, it was someone else's day.

Like Webb Simpson:


Maybe this victory will make his funky forearm putting style more popular.

Perhaps it could re-focus the conversation that putting for dough is still the pertinent story.

But probably not.