The Zurich Classic Is Haunted

Published on 28-Apr-2017 by Raoul Duke

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The Zurich Classic Is Haunted

Voodoo is more than just a tourist trapping in New Orleans.

It's a very real thing.

Professional golfer Chris Stroud just experienced this phenomenon first hand at the Zurich Classic.

After a shot landed just off the green on the 8th hole, this apparently happened:

That was just plain creepy.

The ball's initial movement was almost imperceptible, but Stroud noticed something was amiss with it as he was lining up his putt from the fringe.

It's unclear how long they would've stood there staring at the ball, but their patience was rewarded when it suddenly propelled forward onto the green.

While Stroud didn't create a monster, that ball did appear to be sentient.

And at long last, it didn't matter what anyone watching at home thought about it.

This supernatural moment would've been completely wasted if Stroud had missed the subsequent birdie putt, but he was able to focus and drained it for posterity.

Stroud and his partner Brian Stuard finished the round with a 68.

With an assist from the gods of random PGA tour events.