Williams Rolls at Wimbledon

Published on 25-Jun-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Williams Rolls at Wimbledon
Serena Williams seemed to be in the driver’s seat and under control.
It’s a fair statement to say that she is all too comfortable on Wimbledon’s Centre Court.
When her powerful serve is clicking, she's still the woman to beat at the All-England Club.
I refuse to comment on her recent remarks back and forth with Maria Sharapova -- and frankly, I hope she does likewise -- bit I would like to say that she looked good in her easy victory over Mandy Minella of Luxembourg.
Understandably, Williams put the focus where it should be: on tennis and not on distractions. With Sharapova worried about her candy line and other outside ventures, it’s reasonable to understand why she isn’t as sharp as Williams.
At the moment, Serena looks untouchable. Without a doubt, she the most dominant female in tennis with no one else coming close. Serena’s strong point is her serve, which -- if she hits well and consistently -- she is overwhelmingly in a class of her own.
Williams is currently playing some of the best tennis of her career. She seems just one step quicker and a little harder than anyone else. Most importantly, her head is in the game. When the mental and the physical meet, she plays like she's the best of all time.
Now, can she keep up that level of performance over the fortnight?
It's what people will pay to see.