Williams Brothers? Russian Vodka's a Helluva Drink

Published on 22-Oct-2014 by ankur

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Williams Brothers? Russian Vodka's a Helluva Drink

They come in all shapes and sizes.

And somewhere in this world, there's one that meets someone's fancy.

We're talking about shot glasses.

What the Russians have done with the potato is nothing short of miraculous. Yes, vodka's origins actually go back to medieval times, and through the ages, these dudes have turned its distillation into an art form.

Now, if Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) president, Shamil Tarpishchev could only hold his consumption of it.

Williams sisters

According to the BBC, Tarpishchev addressed Serena and Venus Williams as “brothers” in a TV chat show. He must've thought he was on Fox News or something. Anyway, it got noticed, and now he's $25,000 lighter in the pocket.

That's what the Women Tennis Association fined him. For what it's worth, the WTA also solicited a personal apology -- yeah, right -- and banned him from tennis for a year. Tarpishchev said his intention wasn't to hurt their feelings but to make a joke.

Somehow, it didn't have them rolling in the aisles anywhere, including Russia's heartland. See if you can pick out the 'brother' in this video:

And we thought Russia had moved past all that. Given Vladimir Putin's wet dream of Czarist Russia 2.0 and attitudes of federal officials like Tarpishchev, apparently not.

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