Serena's Smashes Slam Sharapova

Published on 31-Jan-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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Serena's Smashes Slam Sharapova

The World No 1's numbers speak for themselves.

18 aces and 38 winners.

16-0 against Maria Sharapova, spanning 11 years.

Now, 19 grand slam titles.

And at 33, the oldest Australian Open titlist.

About that let:

Last year, another well-known netster -- amidst other questions -- asked Serena what keeps her going in the thralls of such dominance:

And it's no wonder the World No 1 can serve aces on a court if she can shatter glass in stilettos:

All of which goes to confirm how she's been feeding this bulldog for the past couple of years: