Powerful Giorgi Slams Radwanska, Makes Progress

Published on 13-Apr-2015 by El Grande Rio

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Powerful Giorgi Slams Radwanska, Makes Progress

There were great expectations from semi-final match between top seed Agnieszka Radwanka and third-seeded Camila Giorgi.

But Italian challenger was determined to spoil the Polish party in Katowice, and did so with clean straight-set win, 4-6 2-6. 

Right from the start, Giorgi's tactics and intentions were clear. She was attacking Radwanska's first serves, and her execution was brilliant.

It was smart move by Giorgi because the hometown Radwanka struggled under the extra pressure. She couldn't return the first serves and managed to win just  7 out of 37 points.

Giorgi is an attacker by nature, and unlike Radwanska, she doesnt hestiate when she sees a chance.

Now, the issue is consistency throughout an entire event. She's still not there yet.

Katowice Open 2015

Not to sound like Yoda, but ... if she can just keep going, she's got a shot at getting there. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


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