Nadal Wins in Brazil, Complains of Sore Knees; Blames Balls

Published on 18-Feb-2013 by J Square Humboldt
Tennis / Tennis Daily Review

What can be worse than playing with inferior balls?

Clay-court übermeister Rafael Nadal is one-for-two with one more stop to make in his Latin American run-up to this year's French Open.

As opposed to Nadal's upset loss in Chile last week, the event in Saõ Paolo more or less went by the numbers. Still, it was clearly an irritating week for him, which he said was due to a case of bad balls.

The Spaniard's ire at the ATP was already in full swing at the Brazilian Open's pre-tourney press conference. Amazing, isn't it, that a clay-court specialist thinks there are too many hard courts on the tour? Always a (shall we say) 'deliberate' player, Nadal is no fan of having a timer put on his pre-service ponderings. It's like the entire tennis world is conspiring to sap these highly-trained professionals of their concentration. He can't even find respite from this barrage on his senses in his own country!

Nadal wasn't complaining in Madrid, though. Perhaps it's because the 25-second rule wasn't in effect yet.




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