Why England Tumbled Out of the World Cup

Published on 25-Jun-2014 by srijan213

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Why England Tumbled Out of the World Cup

England was one of the surprises in this year's World Cup, but not in a good way.

The nation that gave us the modern day format for this ancient game is an early casualty, knocked out of the competition before bracket play even started.

Perhaps 'surprise' is the wrong word, though. The history of English football reveals a disturbing trend of falling short:

The actual surprise this time is how quickly and feebly they made their exit.

The Three Lions brought their second-youngest side to Brazil, so its placement in a group with a sound Italy, a physical Uruguay, and an under-rated Costa Rica was a justified source of angst. As pool play progressed, this fear evolved into nothing less than a nightmare.

Let’s focus on why the English are gone, despite having great players like Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney. Two losses and a draw are absolutely humiliating results, and the answer as to why this happened is very simple.

It's the England defense.

England have a powerful attacking force with the likes of Sturridge, Chamberlin, Sterling, and Rooney. However, looking at the goals that England have conceded, it's a disgrace that such a defense have been brought to the World Cup finals.

There was nothing wrong with the attack-minded tactics of Roy Hudson, the England national team manager, but the defensive performance of the team was an embarrassment. The likes of Germany and Brazil, with the quality of their defenses, would never concede such easy goals.

England have to completely rethink their approach now as their two best players -- Gerrar and Wayne Rooney -- will be past their prime by 2018.

Clearly, the young defensive partnership of Gary Cahill and Phil Jagielka is neither good enough nor experienced enough to handle the pressure on the international stage.

Hodgson and his bosses must ask the English defense why other teams' strike forces were so easily able to penetrate them and why the English attack was ineffective the defense of the other teams.

The answer may be as simple as seeing who's looking back at them in the mirror.

But for now, the country's football dreams remain unrequited.

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