What a Surprise ... Not: Sepp's Got Resigner's Remorse

Published on 15-Jun-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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What a Surprise ... Not: Sepp's Got Resigner's Remorse

Sepp Blatter is like herpes.

He just keeps returning and he's very irritating when he does.

So, there was still skepticism about whether or not Blatter would actually turn in his keys.

Then came an article in Zürich's Schweiz am Sonntag:

Schweiz am Sonntag Blatter might not resign

In essence, FIFA's African and Asian delegates -- who've been pocketing stuffed envelopes under Blatter's reign -- have been pushing him to reconsider.

And why wouldn't they? Seems the Feds have contented themselves with reeling in bigger fish, so why veer away from the gravy train?

FIFA officials, who'd just seen the Swiss police carry off all sortsa hard drives from their building, hurriedly went into damage-control mode, making reference to Klaus Stöhlker, one of Blatter's henchmen:

Klaus Stöhlker’s mandate from the Fifa president ended on 31 May 2015. The Fifa president would like to point to his remarks from 2 June.

The assumption's been that if the head of the snake is cut off, FIFA will eventually recover. But with Blatter, no assumption is ironclad.

That special session can't come soon enough.