Wenger Finally Jukes His Chelsea Jinx

Published on 3-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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Wenger Finally Jukes His Chelsea Jinx

Two of London's Premiership leviathans, Arsenal and Chelsea, may have been engaged in a one-sided rivarly lately, but perhaps that's finally changing.

Arsène Wenger and his crew finally defeated Chelsea and José Mourinho after winding up on the wrong side of so many recent results.

This time, the Gunners prevailed, 1-0, to lift the Community Shield in English football's traditional exhibition that precedes opening weekend.

Community Shield

Mastermind Mourinho always overheats his brain when the topic is Monsieur Wenger, and the Frenchman spares no opportunity to take out the Portuguese.

None whatsoever.

The Gunners racked up the game's only goal through that Ox in the Box, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

That's got elegant Arsenal written all over it.

And in response, here's why the Chosen One makes the big bucks:

Unfiltered. Maybe he should announce for the American presidency, too.

Perhaps he was also muttering something under his breath about Arsenal having a bigger bus on the day.

Petr Čech, who committed the sin of joining the rival club was enjoying every bit of it.


See you Tuesday, dudes.