Walcott's Hatter Paces Gunners

Published on 25-May-2015 by srijan213

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Walcott's Hatter Paces Gunners

Arsenal massacred West Bromwich Albion, 4-1, at the Emirates, mostly due to a dude they've gotta sign.

Theo Walcott racked up a hat-trick before the first half whistle even touched lips.

There had been a wafting of antipation prior to kickoff, as West Brom poured the coal to Chelsea in their last match. Of course, the Blues had already wrapped up the Premiership title and played like a side still on its victory lap. However, the team from north London was all about giving fans value for money.

Taking that cue, the speedy Walcott had it in mind to treat goals like low-hanging fruit:

Indeed. Top shelf, where Grandma keeps the jam.

But he wasn’t done yet.

This is the beauty of Arsenal. But it all came a bit too late. The title is gone.

And now the Gunners need to take measures that Walcott won't be gone, too.

Adding a bit of variety to the scoresheet, Jack Wilshere crushed even the slightest hopes of a Baggie comeback with a third Arsenal tally:

Zounds! Whackus maximus! Dude also crushed the netting with that heatseeker.

Looks like the Gunners are trying give their nickname a literal meaning with thunderblasts like those.

Crotch Guided Missile Direct Hit

Anyway, once you get a brace, it's only logical to go all out for a hat trick. Walcott did just that, and Santi Cazorla understood:

Way to mark your return, dude.

West Brom did get one on the board, but it was too little, too late:

And that was a wrap for the 2014-2015 campaign. Arsenal are safely in the Champions League mix again, so they completed their only mission on the day, which was to make sure West Brom didn't pull another Newcastle on them.

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