Villains Win As England Lost the Plot

Published on 19-Jun-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Villains Win As England Lost the Plot

Yes, England first organized the game, and yes, Uruguay has almost cornered the market on thuggery.

But Los Charrúas also has striker extraordinaire Luis Suárez, and it takes more than a birthright to cover him.

If any side should know that, it's the English. The dude drove home 31 markers for Liverpool last season. He probably had more face time on television this past year than the queen.

And he'll be on more English screens for at least another week. At least, those screens that haven't had a pint glass thrown through them.

Right now, the searing question in the realm is this: How can Suárez be left that open?

Luis Suarez scores against England-a

Twice! With the second strike breaking the 1-1 deadlock:


Not bad for a quick recovery from knee surgery. And so much for Wayne Rooney finally getting on the board in a World Cup match:


Of course, Uruguay -- no shrinking violets, they -- mixed their share of elbows and spikes into the run of play, but that's their game. True, they're behind their usual pace in red cards -- Maxi Pereira did his bit against Costa Rica and Diego Godin tried his best -- but it's not for the lack of effort. Perhaps the officials simply accept that, hey, it's Uruguay, and let it go.

But perhaps England should play through it more diligently instead of seemingly yielding space when thundering boots are heard.

It's true that no team has ever made bracket play after losing its first two games, but England's flame isn't quite extinguished yet. Still, the reason it's flickering precariously is it's in the line of fire as they piss away chance after chance in match after match.

Here's what the so-called Three Lions must do and hope for in order to make the bracket:

  • Italy must beat Costa Rica on Fri 20 Jun;
  • Italy must beat Uruguay on Tue 24 Jun;
  • England must beat Costa Rica on Tue 24 Jun; and
  • England must prevail over both Uruguay and Costa Rica on goal difference.

Some might think the only way this happens is if England's back four can play England's front two. This may be possible. After next week.