USA Women Rack Up Record Ratings

Published on 7-Jul-2015 by J Square Humboldt

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USA Women Rack Up Record Ratings

The USA Women's romp to the 2015 World Cup title didn't necessarily raise eyebrows.

But the throngs of viewers tuning in to watch them cap it did.

Not only did the American women smash Japan in the final, they smashed every soccer viewership record in their home nation:

Indeed, their triumph beat the TV totals for both the World Series and NBA Finals.

Incidentally, here's the scene where the viewership peaked:

To be sure, big numbers can be a superficial measure. If they were anything more, then the Big Mac would be the best burger in the world.

This match, like the Super Bowl or the NCAA football championship, was a one-day event. Its ratings significance can be seen more in who made it destination viewing than in how many. Here's Mike Mulvihill, senior vice-president of programming and research for Fox Sports Media Group:

Our Women’s World Cup viewers have been about twice as likely to be watching with another family member than they would with the NFL of any of our other big sports properties.

As well, Mulvihill noted that females of all ages were tuning in, and not just Millennials. However, that particular demographic's social media habits facilitated their access to -- and thus, interest in -- the USA team's build-up to the Cup final. What's more, this is the generation that grew up with Title IX as a given in sporting world.

There's no need for Sepp's suggestion of tight shorts to make the women's game more appealing. But will this ratings haul do anything to bring FIFA into the 21st century?

There's considerable groud to cover. For example, take a look at their recent payouts to the USA's two World Cup squads:

FIFA pay inequality

Yes, the women's event had fewer teams and fewer matches, but if those stuffed envelopes Blatter's sycophants are so fond of passing around contained less graft and more gravitas, the distaff division of football would surely grow even more exponentially.

But as usual, if they want to get anything done ...