USA Steals a Late One against the Oranje

Published on 6-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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USA Steals a Late One against the Oranje

The friendly clash between the Americans and Dutch exceeded expectations in both quality and entertainment value.

It even had a surprise ending, as the Americans prevailed, 3-4.

The Netherlands is a perennial football power that -- despite its limited population compared to the likes of Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Brazil -- has given the world some of its best players. Under Jürgen Klinsmann and his long view, the USA continues to serve notice of its intentions. Its defeat of this, one of the best teams from the 2014 World Cup, adds grist to the mill.

It was Netherlands' Klaas-Jan Huntelaar to strike the first blow in an eventful day:

Talk about a perfect cross to set the tone!

Taking the cue, the Americans' came up with an even better cross that Gyasi Zardes finished to get the match back to all square:

It's the sort of one-upsmanship that makes a fan glad he or she tuned in.

The Dutch took up the gauntlet once more, with Huntelaar's capper confirming yet again that they indeed work with clockwork precision. In the process, the USA defense received a dose of déjà vu:

When a tall team is on the pitch, those are the sorts of goals you get.

Then, the day got even more Oranje as the Netherlands put a -- shall we say? -- brave face on a variation of its theme:

That'll leave a mark but look good in the book. Sometimes, you've gotta take one for the team. It can safely be said that Memphis Depay walks the walk.

Maybe that's what sparked the American revolution:

Damn! Talk about assuming battle formation and locking onto a target in the enemy territory! That deftly done touch into space by Michael Bradley was the centerpiece.

The equalizer was a case of carom giveth, and carom taketh away:

A smart bomb, perhaps?

The USA's ultimate comeback featured another masterpiece by the oft-maligned Bradley:

Now, that's how you win a game! Together.