USA's OG Patrol Frustrates Paraguay; Copa's Quarters Are Next

Published on 12-Jun-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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USA's OG Patrol Frustrates Paraguay; Copa's Quarters Are Next

Jürgen Klinsmann's crew -- and possibly his USA Soccer employment -- just happen to be living in it.

With everyone around them wringing their hands to the point of deformity, der Dudemeister and squad found a way to squeak by pesky Paraguay with a 1-0 win that shot them straight into the Copa América bracket play.

Combine that with Costa Rica's shock knock-off of Colombia, and the Americans wound up top of the heap in Group A:

Copa America Group A standings

Toss in Peru's ultra-shock upset of Brazil, and all of a sudden, the USA is facing Ecuador in the quarters:

Copa America quarterfinals

Seriously, are Klinsmann & Co living in it, or what?

And it's all because two dudes who've been there and done that -- John Brooks and Clint Dempsey -- got there and did that one more time:

Paraguay turned the Americans every which way but loose.

However, the only stat that matters is on the scoreboard.

Of course, there's that ugly matter of DeAndre Yedlin's suspension.

But now, he'll only miss the Ecuador match!

And who do they think they are? Peru?