United Put 'Paid' to Cambridge Dreams

Published on 4-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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United Put 'Paid' to Cambridge Dreams

Mustering up their legendary ... oh, come on ... Manchester United went nuts and bolts on League Two side Cambridge, 3-0, in the replay of a disappointing draw away from home.

After a disastrous 4-0 loss to MK Dons in League Cup play, there were some who thought this season's edition of the Reds Devils should be re-christened Manchester Underachievers. Who can blame them after looking at the stats away from the home confines?

Duly chastened, the replay had loads of action in store.

It's never good for a side to say they're just glad to be here. Sets a low bar. And it looked like the other United players were just glad they didn't have to buy tickets for the stadium tour:

Dudes, it's not called the Theatre of Selfies.

When the rest of the spectators arrived, Juan Mata took the cue as United played a wonderful goal.

The normal formula is to station a big man in the middle and shorter players on the edge, but this time, Luis van Gaal’s tactics were just the opposite.

After this Marouane Fellaini and Robin van Persie set-up, the only effect missing was the Harlem Globetrotters' theme song.

Or something from the Who.

At any rate, it was a classy header by the returning Argentine.

James Wilson has been the favored one under van Gaal, and while the pickings were easy, he showed why:

Take a dose of League Two to cure what ails you, dude.

OK, the Cambridge players got their day trip. As for United, FA Cup fifth round, here they come.