Touré Got His YaYa Out for Manchester CIty

Published on 24-Nov-2016 by srijan213

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Touré Got His YaYa Out for Manchester CIty

Pep Guardiola may have to check off Yaya Touré’s name off the Grudge list as he saved him the game.

Dude saved the Citizens at Crystal Palace by a 1-2 count.

Guardiola isn't a big fan of Touré, but after this performance, he may start liking him.

Winning does that for a relationship.

Touré marked his return to City's lineup with an opening goal in the 39th minute:

Think he's been missed?

Connor Wickham didn't let the happiness linger for all that long, as he scored the equalizer with a 66th-minute rocket:

The 'keeper would've broken his hands had he touched that.

But it was Yaya who had the ya sure as Palace’s defense fell asleep, which is when he pounced.

Perhaps now, Guardiola has learned from his mistake. Either that, or the benching is what it took to light the fire.

Whichever, dude's got the fire burning now.

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