Tottenham Tops West Ham in Derby

Published on 29-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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Tottenham Tops West Ham in Derby

Spurs weren't about to slip on a banana skin again.

Especially at White Hart Lane, where they emphatically eviscerated West Ham United, 4-1.

Tottenham is now unbeaten in 12 games, and  while West Ham may have bagged a few big names this season, Spurs are yet to be on that list.

Harry Kane took his sweet time to get with the program this season, but all will be forgiven with more performances like this:

His nickname is the Hurri-Kane, and dude spins like a tornado.

Set pieces have been a problem for West Ham lately, and Tottenham exploited that weakness:

The Hurri-Kane wasn't done renting the ground asunder, either. He had to rip some heart out of the Hammers before his mission was complete:

That was a heatseeker.

Kyle Walker has been excellent defensively, but his attacking skills shouldn't be ignored. And yet ...

Short passing at its best.

West Ham did get a consolation goal in the end, but it may have taken the day on style points:

If only quality counted as much as quantity in football.