Tottenham's Goal-a-Palooza Extends Its Cup Run

Published on 15-Jan-2015 by srijan213

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Tottenham's Goal-a-Palooza Extends Its Cup Run

Tottenham Hotspur managed another netfest in a six-goal thriller against Burnley to keep its FA Cup hopes alive.

Spurs seem to be making a habit of carpet-bombing 'keepers in key matches.

Exhibit A was the Premiership match of the season, defeating pacesetters Chelsea that quickly served notice to opponents that defensive vigilance should never wane against London's northsiders.

Pre-match talk was all chalk, so the result between the Spurs and Clarets was never even a question. Given the difference in class, Burnley was merely what hockey types call eleven dudes named Moe.

But, to pull out another bromide, that's why they play the game. The expected Spurs dominance was suddenly shattered to pieces in the third minute, as the Clarets took a ride on Route One:

Shameful defending -- another Spurs trademark -- but what a shot, Marvin Sordell! Kudos!

The second goal was, ironically, due to a good defense:

Mauricio Pochettino -- a gracious manager -- must be teaching his players to pirouette like a ballerina, especially Soldado.

The worse Spurs are in defense, the better they are in attack. This seems to be their motto at the moment.

Three goals in under ten minutes. The match was a veritable goal fiesta.

Tottenham kept knocking at the door, and finally, the Clarets opened it late in the second half:

Lord Nelson would've been proud of that one if it'd happened at Trafalgar.

After that, a cracked Burnley door just kept cracking:

The final tally, then: 4-2 for the favorites.

The Clarets recently claimed a wonder draw against champions Manchester City but couldn’t duplicate the feat against the Spurs. Looks like Burnley ran out of comeback potion when they needed it the most.