Tottenham Played Good Spur/Bad Spur at Manchester City

Published on 22-Jan-2017 by akinkunmi009

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Tottenham Played Good Spur/Bad Spur at Manchester City

The Premiership's most anticipated match of the weekend was basically a case study in split personalities, starring that lovably creative side from North London.

And showing once again why they're always a championship challenger but never a conqueror.

Tottenham Hotspur had such an influential hand in every goal of this 2-2 draw to the point that their players should've gotten credit for assists on the two that wound up in their own net.

As with the day's events at Anfield, who would've expected four goals in the second half after a scoreless first 45?.

Really, City was just there because that's where the Premiership schedule told them to be.

Dudes lost a two-goal lead that was well and truly gifted, and that was basically their role for the afternoon.

Within the space of five second-half minutes, Spurs' keeper Hugo Lloris could've been wearing a Sky Blue jersey.

Leroy Sané and Kevin de Bruyne were duly grateful.

The Belgian international's sublime pass led to Lloris' first mistake in the 49th minute. The Spurs captain first rushed out to meet a long ball but succeeded only in heading the ball straight to Sané, who joyfully rolled it into an empty net:

Four minutes later, Raheem Sterling supplied de Bruyne a cross that led to another mistake by the Spurs captain, leaving his mate to tap in another one:


Relegation favorites Sunderland and Hull must be checking their calendars to see when they get a shot a Lloris.

They'd just have to hope the Good Spurs don't show up.

That'd be when Kyle Walker latches onto a loose ball and whips a stunning cross to allow Dele Alli the simple task of nodding home from inside the six-yard box:

You can’t just keep him outta the party.

Still, that was Claudio Bravo conceding the first shot he saw for the fifth time in eight games! Dude’s gotta learn how to catch birds.

Lloris partially atoned for his sins in the 77th minute by starting a counter-attack that ultimately reached Christian Eriksen. His nifty flick on to Son Heung-Min produced the goal that pulled one point back for Tottenham:

City has no reason to rue the result. Without the Bad Spurs, they would've tasted a home loss.

Tottenham, however, must realize sooner than later that they may be entertaining, but they're constantly treading water.

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