Tottenham Hotspur Showing Its 'A' Game

Published on 24-Jan-2016 by srijan213

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Tottenham Hotspur Showing Its 'A' Game

The dark horse of English football is edging closer to the limelight.

Tottenham was the club feeling glad all over at Selhurst Park after securing a 1-3 decision.

Spurs may have taken their own sweet time to go with the flow, but they're beginning to resemble an unstoppable sea swell, devastating everything in its path.

Hugo Lloris is a hard dude to defeat between the posts, but his teammate Jan Vertonghen proved otherwise.

Inside information, perhaps?

And frankly, consider that little escapade a condensed version of the first half.

However, by the 63rd minute, Spurs' compass was soon recalibrated.

Harry Kane -- aka the Hurri-Kane -- has airborne abilities, too.

Then, in the 84th minute, Dele Alli challenged Kane for the title of Mr Spur with a goal to remember.

The Puskas is going to be a tough catagory this season.

As if Tottenham hadn't made it's point -- three, actually -- on the day, Nacer Chadli gave the travelling Spurs supporters a lovely parting gift in extra time:

Dudes do know how to let it fly.

All that was left for Spurs to make their domination complete was ...

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