Tottenham Hotspur Late to the Party Again

Published on 25-Nov-2016 by srijan213

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Tottenham Hotspur Late to the Party Again

There must be something in the North London water that causes team DNA to contain artistic offense and optional defense.

Arsenal seems to get away with it as often as not.

But Tottenham's another story.

The Spurs wind up leaking points here and there throught any competition, and it usually results in their being on the outside looking in when the rubber meets the road.

They've done it again, crashing out of the Champions League, sitting third in the group stage:

Champions League Group E standings

(A: Bracket time; Y: Hope the Europa League likes the cut of your jib.)

Monaco dumped that particular spot of bother onTottenham by turning them away, 2-1.

Spurs' lot in life seems to be in surprising everyone, either by pulling an upset or allowing others to upset them. They rarely disappoint.

However, that loss-heavy record gave them too much of a task in this one. The horses were out of the barn.

Instead of sneaking up on the group leaders, Tottenham were given a lesson on crossing and finishing when Djibril Sidibe popped home this little gem:

That'll be on skills clinic highlight videos for a few years.

Spurs did get back into the game for a while with their usual way. A penalty.

Harry Kane never has  trouble netting those.

However, Thomas Lemar didn't let the happiness last long, as he found twine a mere minute later:

How do their backs get this gig, anyway? Blackmail? Lucky dip?