Toons & The Lads: Don't Call It a Tale of Two Geordies

Published on 19-Aug-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Toons & The Lads: Don't Call It a Tale of Two Geordies

Few rivalries are as bitter as Newcastle v Sunderland.

Even fewer fan bases are as rabid.

The game has not been kind to either side.

In recent times, though, the only real satisfaction each group gets is in schadenfreude towards the other's football fortunes. And yes, this clip from the 2014 season's end is in English:

Low bar, dude.

But realistic. Here's how the Magpies and Black Cats wrapped it last spring:

Premiership table relegation zone 2014-2015

History presaged ill will between the Toons and The Lads long before football. Long considered Geordies along with residents of Newcastle and environs, Sunderland added further distance to the 13 miles between cities in the 1980s by declaring themselves Mackems instead.

The real gap, though, in on the balance sheets.

The Black Cats need to stay up to keep their losses to a minimum. The Magpies are swimming in dosh, but don't like spending it, to the point of near fan revolts occurring every spring.

newcastle united fan protest

Perhaps billionaire owner Mike Ashley is finally listening. It probably helped that the Magpies were embarrassed by a resourceful Swansea side this past weekend:

So, is Florian Thaubin the answer?

Manager Steve McClaren hasn't had anything to show for the changes he's made since being hired, and with Manchester United on the docket this weekend, to be followed by Arsenal, one of the largest clubs in England will still be up against it for at least the near future.

Meanwhile, Sunderland soldiers on, but even their shirt sponsor thinks they'll be fortunate to dodge relegation this time around:

Dafabet relegation odds

The cold light of harsh reality.

So it's been an eventful few days in the Northeast. Newcastle fans can hope. Who knows? If the cash-rich, title-barren Chicago Cubs can finally turn it around, why can't they?

But all Sunderland fans can do is pray. And, of course, rave.