To No One's Surprise, Manchester United Exacts Revenge

Published on 3-Feb-2015 by srijan213

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To No One's Surprise, Manchester United Exacts Revenge

Manchester United shattered Leicester City in an exciting 3-1 brawl at Old Trafford.

The ruins of King Power Stadium still haunt United. So, this was time for revenge, and that is what they got. Leicester City came in to the Theater of Dreams hoping to pull a Cambridge United on the Red Devils, but that isn't exactly a cookie-cutter pattern.

The first goal for the Devils came from the Flying Dutchman, Robin Van Persie:

There had been doubts about him, but van Persie showed form is temporary, but class is permanent with his off-foot volley.

Rademel Falcao was another striker uncomfortably close to Louis van Gaal's axe. As the manager said, strikers are judged on their goals, and a goal is what he delivered.

That made it a sliding day for two strikers.

The third goal was also in the cards but not like this. Whoops:

Seems like many players are turning their heads towards the wrong post these days.

Leicester City had a consolation goal -- into the right net -- near the end.

The Devils must surely be satisfied with their performance, but like previous runs, the highs and lows look destined to continue for van Gaal and his inconsistent crew. When they're gonna go dead steady, no one knows.

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