The Three Lions Play Like Kittens in Spain

Published on 14-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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The Three Lions Play Like Kittens in Spain

Talk about putting the friendly in a friendly.

Two undefeated teams collided, but only one played like it, as Spain came out the clear winner in defeating a soft England side, 2-0.

The rebuilding reloading Spanish were touted to prevail in what was anticipated to be a close-fought contest, and at least they did their partt.

Their first goal could win the Puskás Award hands down.

No wonder players from both teams -- and Mario Gaspar, himself -- was amazed.

England tried to get into the game's flow, but their failure to do so was borderline hilarious. Case in point:  and such was the case with Santi Cazorla’s goal:

Gotta say, Joe Hart had the best view in the house to watch that one. Absolutely the best. All the way in.

Maybe the English thought this was the Costa del Sol or something.

Surely England will win the Euro Cup.

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