The Three Lions Come Roaring Back

Published on 16-Jun-2015 by srijan213

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The Three Lions Come Roaring Back

England may not be the best team in the world, but it's one of the most followed.

And Sunday, the Three Lions did not disappoint as they saw off Slovenia in a thrilling 2-3 encounter.

Euro Cup 2016 qualifications are now past their midpoint, and while there a few surprises -- Iceland and Wales leading their groups! -- it's a mild eyebrow-raiser that England hasn't stumbled yet.

In this one, Slovenia fought hard, but not as hard as the Lions, especially after the Fantje -- translated: The Boys -- struck the first blow:

England's defenders had fans starting to order shots with their pints after that exhibition.

But what came next was a treat to watch:

Arsene Wenger must be so proud.

Jack Wilshere again marked his presence in the field, as Slovenians felt a déjà vu:

Real Madrid and Barcelona are on alert now.

But the game was not that straightforward for the Englishmen:

A superb team goal from the lesser team.

In desperate times, heroes are born. In the case of England captain Wayne Rooney, though, he was re-born:

He hit that one like a penalty. The 'keeper had no idea where to dive.

Rooney is now only one goal behind the legendary Bobby Charlton's record 49 markets in an English shirt.