The Saints Refuse Magpies’ Visa Outta the Relegation Zone

Published on 16-Apr-2016 by srijan213
Soccer / Soccer Daily Review

No soup for you, either.

Southampton provided yet more evidence that Newcastle United didn't have any divine right to be excluded from relegation..

The Saints dominated their Yorkshire visitors, 3-1, at St Mary's Stadium.

The end of the Premiership sees battles at both top and end of the table like no others. This was a clash between the top and the bottom and this time, and David had no shot against Goliath.

The match saw a glorious individual goal from Shane Long:


That run was very long -- sorry -- but easy.

Graziano Pelle also joined the party to completely ruin Rafael Benítez’s fortunes.

Quality is what Southampton have.

Saints pulled off a clever one to get the third:

Victor Wanyama gets his first goal of the season, at last.

Usually such games come with a lovely parting gift, and this was no different:

Had Andros Townsend netted such quality for Tottenham, he would be flying high.

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