The Real Group of Death? Ask Spain

Published on 19-Jun-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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The Real Group of Death? Ask Spain

Spain has the usual number of issues that plague countries these days, like unemployment, security, and general economic malaise.

But all that has now taken a back seat in the national consciousness. There's a more pressing cause for angst.

The defending World Cup champions have already crashed and burned in Brazil.

More accurately, trashed and burned. The Netherlands' total football exacted total revenge for being outslugged in South Africa during the championship match. And they clearly enjoyed every minute of it, spotting the Spaniards an opening goal and then pouring the coal to them:

After that, the last team Spain needed to face was a sound squad from Chile. But that was their schedule, and soon after, that was that. The guys in white had more energy, more style, and ultimately, more goals:

The Chileans had already disposed of Australia, but their 3-1 result didn't do justice to the Socceroos' effort:

And the Dutch almost took Australia too lightly. The Socceroos are not only athletic, but they represent the fierce competitiveness their country's teams have come to represent across the sporting spectrum.

So, both the Netherlands and Chile are 2-0 and through to bracket play. Their upcoming match should be a cracker, a fitting finale to play in the group that now appears to be the strongest of the batch.

Spain will attest to that. Social media already is.