The Pre-Season Has Not Been Kind to Barça

Published on 4-Aug-2015 by srijan213

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The Pre-Season Has Not Been Kind to Barça

Spain's treble winners are moving in the opposite direction.

At least, it's only in the pre-season International Champions Cup.

But still, there are reputations to uphold and packed stadiums to sway. Right now, that's not happening for this distinguished Catalan club.

Barcelona lost 2-1 to Fiorentina that took their losing streak to three in a row.

The Copa América seems to have taken its toll on Barça, as Messi and Neymar have yet to return to the side.

The Fiorentina match could have been a turning point in their lame campaign, but it was not to be.

The Italians' first goal was 'way too easily given, as Barcelona's defense displayed their impression of shop-window mannequins:

A beautiful nutmeg like that can only be justified with a goal to finish.

Then, it was two for Fiorentina before the Spanish giants could even blink an eye. It was Federico Bernardeschi again:

Damn. And to think those dudes are getting paid to have that view of the match!

Barcelona finally pulled a quick one back, compliments of Luis Suárez:

Although they lost, at least their trademark touch of elegance surfaces every now and then.

Barça's legion of fans can only hope that when the bell rings, their champions will snap back into form.

It's justified by the thought that they'll have their Argentine stars back in the fold. And then, when their gear shifts, Barcelona are more than capable of operating on a whole new level.