The 'Pool's Kop Is Fine with Klopp

Published on 3-Nov-2015 by srijan213

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The 'Pool's Kop Is Fine with Klopp

Jürgen Klopp may have taken time casting his spell, but the magic's in motion now.

Shambolic Chelsea ran into Klopp's new charges at Stamford Bridge, with the 1-3 result attesting to the fact that the Blues still suck while the Reds have bought into the notion of their new manager's potion.

José Mourinho was already clinging to strands of his tarnished cred, so this defeat may find him accelerating his search for a new address.

Ramires hit jackpot early on to give Chelsea the start they needed:

But Liverpool came charging back as Philippe Coutinho replied with a better punch, or so sayeth the mega-metaphoric play-by dude:

That probably means those feet of his are a shotgun that fires curved bullets, too.

Riiiight. Back to the same shotgun trumping the punch:

The matter never improved for the Blues and their Special One, either, as the 'Pool produced a third:

Like the Reds, there's no quit in that announcer.