The 'Pool Ruins Arsenal’s Opening Day

Published on 14-Aug-2016 by srijan213

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The 'Pool Ruins Arsenal’s Opening Day

The curse continues.

Arsenal has become one of the Premiership's suckiest sides at getting a season's show on the road.

Not even the friendly confines of Emirates Stadium could help them this time.

Neither could a trio of goals, Jürgen Klopp's crew from Liverpool took advanteage of frequent time and space to post a 3-4 netfest.

Fortunately for Arsène Wenger, there are 37 league matches to go.

It wasn't all dark skies for Arsenal, as Theo Walcott brought home some daylight in the 31st minute:

When dude's not injured, he's this good.

Philippe Coutinho put a damper on the local happiness just before halftime when he landed a perfect free kick:

This could well be called pitch perfect, even.

Then, Adam Lallana rubbed salt on Gunner injuries just at the cusp of halftime with this master stroke:

Coutinho didn't cool down in the locker room, either, bursting onto the scene again in the 56th minute.

And as usual, dude rang one up:

At the other end, though, the North Siders defense was as lose and wide as ever.

Sadio Mané has been a superb signing for the Reds, and he continued to impress by rifling home their fourth:

It's the 'Pool at its A-game best. One would almost believe they were BVB Dortmund.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is the true Ox in the Box.

Dude solely tore through the Reds like a hot knife through butter:

Calum Chambers put Liverpool's three points in doubt, but in the end, it was too little, too late:

The story of both defenses is the same.

And the season's first day is never one for Arsenal.

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